Roof Repair

When Is Roof Repair Required?

Roof repair is generally required under the following circumstances:

  • After extreme weather condition
  • General long-term exposure to weather
  • Lack of Maintenance
  • Weak or improper roofing design.

Different Roof Repair Services

If you do not have your roof maintained regularly, then you are probably in need of some roof repair services. At Tcwrc Roofers, we provide all home roof repairs for most kinds of roofing. Some of our services include:

  • General emergency repairs
  • Storm and wind damage repair
  • Leak repairs – including locating the source of the leakage, removing excess water and preventing the spread of water
  • Flashing repairs
  • Replacement of penetrations and/or equipment, such as flashings
  • Replacement of damaged roof tiles and shingles
  • Fascia repair work
  • Unblocking of drainage systems
  • Cleaning of vents and chimneys
  • Re-coating, re-glazing and re-painting
  • Tending to cracking and loosening of mortar
  • And a whole lot more

Roof repair should be dealt with as hastily as possible, in order to prevent the development of damage into more serious problems, or other areas of your roof or house. Therefore if you find yourself in one of the above situations, or suspect a possible problem with your roof or an aspect of it, do not hesitate to call your nearest Tcwrc Roofers branch for a professional inspection– our roof repair contractors are on call for both emergency needs, and day-to-day roof repair services.

Roof Repair for Different Roof Types

Flat roof repairs are more frequently required than other roof type repairs, as they are more heavily influenced and affected by climate change. Also, flat roof repairs are extremely tricky in comparison to other roofing styles, so we highly recommend you make an appointment with one of our pre-screened roof repair contractors, who specialize in such services. Contrastingly, metal roof repair typically requires the repainting or recoating of a roof, or treatment for corrosion and other forms of deterioration. No matter what your roofing style or material, our roof repair contractors are available at all hours to repair, replace and re-install any part of your roof in need of treatment. 24 Hour Emergency Roof Repairs

In an emergency situation such as natural disaster, it goes without saying that if your roof is struck, every second is crucial - each minute that passes can greatly jeopardize the safety and protection of both you and your assets, and mean a world of difference when talking roof repair. This is why you need a fast acting and reliable roofing contractor on hand at all times for emergency roof repair.

Our roofers are on call 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, and all days of the year, to provide emergency roof repair services as you need them. Not only can we be contacted at all times, but we provide the roofers, equipment, and skills to take care of an emergency situation as soon as it happens. Experience is vital when handling storm damage and other kinds of disaster, and you can feel reassured that the roof repair work we perform is of the highest standards. We handle all kinds of damage, including hurricane/tornado, hailstorm, snowstorm, fire, and more. We also ensure that you receive adequate photography, drawings, pricings, and path scheduling of roof repair work for your insurance company, by our expert internal risk management team.

So when your roof becomes a victim of such damage, remember that Tcwrc Roofers is only a phone call, fax, or email away, and that a crew of professional emergency roof repair contractors can be mobilized for you within minutes.

When Waiting for Emergency Roof Repair Work.
When you are waiting for the emergency roof repair contractors to arrive, your main goal is to control the spreading of water coming in; remove puddles, plug open leaks, and set up buckets under leaky areas. Plastic sheeting is also a great way to shield your roof in an emergency situation.

Our Testimonials

Our new roof is beautiful!! The crew was wonderful! They worked very hard and very fast. Our roof was done in 3 days. They were polite and friendly also. When they were done they cleaned up the mess to our satisfaction.

We are simply delighted with our new roof! The shakes are all solid and straight grained, the crew did everything just the way it was promised, and the price was the lowest of the three bids we had requested.